Drug Rehab in San Marcos

Drug rehab in San Marcos starts by finding a drug rehab facility where you can physically come off the substance you are addicted to in a safe manner. Drug addiction rehab often requires medical oversight in order for you to safely remove a toxic substance from your system. Depending on what you are addicted to, your treatment team will determine if medically-assisted detox is necessary I order for you to physically remove drugs or alcohol from your body.

Understanding Drug Rehab in San Marcos

When you go to a drug rehab facility, the first step is to remove the substance you are addicted to from your body in a safe manner. Physical addiction can be tough, and withdrawal from substances is often painful or uncomfortable. In some cases, it can be dangerous to come off of certain substances without supervision, even life threatening.

Drug addiction rehab the involves learning why you were addicted and learning new ways to cope with the stress in your life. Rehab is a long term process that begins with detox and continues indefinitely as you learn better ways to manage your life.

What You Can Expect in Drug Rehab in San Marcos

Drug addiction rehab is a process. You can expect to first go through detox at a drug rehab facility, followed by a period of treatment to assess your needs during your early stages of recovery. You will probably attend individual therapy sessions and attend groups throughout the day to learn more about addiction and the recovery process.

Medically-assisted detox refers to the detoxification process that is overseen by medical professionals. In the case of alcohol withdrawal, for example, the drug and alcohol detox process can be life threatening. Coming off of substances often requires medical assistance because of how difficult the process is and how dangerous it can be to stop a substance cold turkey. Prescription medications are used to ease symptoms and keep you safe.

Your counselor and treatment team will develop a treatment plan for you to establish the work you need to do while you are both at the facility and recommendations for when you leave. This plan may recommend either long term inpatient treatment at another facility or outpatient treatment while you live at home.

Your sobriety will depend on your level of commitment to your own recovery. You will be told repeatedly that a strong support network is an essential component to your healing. This is why you will attend therapy and group sessions, to build up your support network. As you begin to talk about what led to your addiction, you will learn more about yourself and the patterns that are destructive to you.

Treatment Options After Detox and Short Term Drug Rehab in San Marcos

Outpatient treatment involves attending a program during the day and returning home every night, while inpatient treatment is full time, residential treatment for recovery. If you have a strong support network at home and you are highly committed to your sobriety, outpatient treatment may work great.

If you are struggling while in rehab and not sure about returning home, your treatment team will probably recommend inpatient treatment so that you get the support you need during your early recovery.

Why Drug Rehab in San Marcos is Vital to Your Recovery

It is nearly impossible for addicts to withdraw from a substance without a drug rehab facility. Recovery is difficult, and the physical addiction must be overcome through drug addiction rehab in order for the withdrawal process to be safe and successful.

It is beneficial to attend treatment in a facility because you will get the support you need, and you will have a team of providers who will help you develop a plan for your sobriety. Without the right treatment, you are more likely to relapse. A sober life starts with drug rehab and the learning process never ends.

When you go to a drug rehab in San Marcos, you are taking a big step at healing your life. It is hard to remove a physical addiction, and this usually requires medical intervention to be successful. When you are ready to change your life around, it's time to get serious about drug addiction treatment. Once you build a support network, it will be easier to remain substance free throughout your life.

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