Addiction Treatment in San Marcos, TX

Addiction treatment in San Marcos begins with the first step of asking for help. When your life is out of control because of drugs or alcohol, there are programs for addiction available to you. The process begins with physically detoxing from the substance, and then moving on to one of the drug and alcohol treatment programs in the area. While recovery from addiction is usually a lifelong process, early treatment can make the path of recovery much easier.

Understanding Addiction and the Need for Addiction Treatment in San Marcos

Addiction is the physical and emotional need for drugs or alcohol. When an individual needs programs for addiction, this means that they are unable to stop using the substance on their own. Addiction means a marked inability to stop the use of the substance, despite a strong desire to do so. While most people don't believe they are addicted to a substance, a first attempt at trying to quit can prove impossible. Drug and alcohol treatment programs focus on the physical component of rehabilitation first, as recovery can't begin until the individual is substance free. Once drug detox in San Marcos is complete, the work on learning how to stay sober begins.

The Basic Steps of Addiction Treatment in San Marcos

Programs for addiction range from medical detox, to inpatient care, and on to sober living. Addiction recovery begins with a medical assessment to determine the substance the individual is addicted to and their overall health. At this time it will be determined whether a medical detox is necessary or whether the person does not need medical monitoring as they come off of the substance they are addicted to.

Medical detox is the next step after the assessment. A medical detox is indicated if the withdrawal symptoms are going to be too uncomfortable for the individual detoxing. Sometimes the person's life may be at risk, especially when detoxing from alcohol. A person who is trying to detox from alcohol needs medical monitoring to ensure that they are safe throughout the process. Seizures, coma, and even death can occur if the addiction is great and the withdrawal is too quick. Drug and alcohol rehab in San Marcos is well aware of the signs and symptoms of dangerous withdrawal.

After withdrawing successfully from the substance one is addicted to, it's time to move to a treatment program. Some people are able to move back home and attend day treatment on an outpatient basis, while others need programs for addiction that are more structured. Addiction treatment in San Marcos comes in a variety of options, and it is up to the individual's treatment team to come up with a plan for successful treatment.

If living at home is not a good option, a residential program is generally recommended by one's treatment team in order to be better prepared to live at home.

Sober living may also be considered, and this is one of the drug and alcohol treatment programs that work great for individuals who don't have support in their home environment. Sober living involves living with a group of individuals who are also working on their own recovery. You may be asked to attend house meetings out in the community and attend individual therapy as part of your treatment.

Various Treatment for Addiction While Living in the Community

Once an individual moves back home, treatment for addiction still involves individual therapy. The goal is to build a strong network of support while in the early stages of recovery so that returning back to the challenges of daily life is not so difficult. Other treatment can involve acupuncture for stress reduction, mindfulness classes to learn coping strategies, and even taking a yoga class to learn better ways to manage stress. There are many ways to try to cope with stress that don't involve turning to drugs or alcohol in order to feel better. The key is to keep looking for methods that work, and let go of those strategies that aren't helpful.

Recovering from drugs and alcohol is a lifelong commitment, but with the right foundation, the work gets easier over time. By utilizing both traditional and alternative methods for treatment, it is possible to become emotionally and physically stronger. This enables the individual to lead a healthier life, and one that doesn't involve an addiction to substances. Call now for help (512) 876-2125.

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