Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Marcos, TX

Dual diagnosis treatment in San Marcos involves two focuses. Substance abuse and the dependency on drugs or alcohol is addressed, while also taking a close look at any underlying psychiatric conditions that may be adding to the problem. The treatment for dual diagnosis people is integrated, with the realization that many people who suffer from substance abuse issues also need mental health treatment in order to fully recover. Dual diagnosis treatment is the most effective way to achieve sobriety after attending drug rehab to detox from substances.

Understanding What Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Marcos Involves

When an individual suffers from a mental health condition as well as a substance abuse disorder, this means they have a dual diagnosis. The first diagnosis is emotional, and can include a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, or any number of mental health diagnoses. The second diagnosis would be substance abuse, which requires treatment after drug rehab in order for recovery to be successful. Treatment for dual diagnosis involves a comprehensive approach at dealing with the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol while also treating the underlying mental health issues that are present.

Mental Health Disorders Seen in Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment in San Marcos helps those who suffer from a wide range of mental health disorders. Diagnoses such as severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or schizophrenia can often make a drug addiction impossible to recover from without treatment for the mental health disorder at the same time. After drug rehab in San Marcos, it's important to figure out if there are any underlying issues with mental health that are exacerbating the substance abuse.

Two of the more common mental health diagnoses seen at dual diagnosis treatment in San Marcos are anxiety and depression. Both can occur at the same time, or can occur independently from one another. A person suffering from anxiety may need a combination of prescription medication to ease symptoms, and talk therapy to learn new ways to cope with the anxiety. One who is struggling with depression may need consistent therapy in order to take a hard look if their desire to feel happier is connected to their drug use.

People diagnosed with schizophrenia may also need dual diagnosis treatment in San Marcos. Schizophrenia can be a difficult mental health disorder to get under control, as the disorder is characterized by hallucinations which have a significant impact on the sufferer's life. Once the person gets clean through drug rehab, it is then possible to figure out what symptoms were caused by the drug addiction, and what are due to the schizophrenia. Medication is prescribed, but it often takes numerous attempts at finding a medication that works.

For people with big mood swings, bipolar disorder may be diagnosed. Treatment programs in San Marcos for dual diagnosis in individuals with bipolar disorder will focus on identifying the highs, or mania, as well as the depression the person may suffer from. While each person with bipolar disorder is different, many suffer from mood swings that are often self-medicated through the use of illegal substances.

People who are struggling with PTSD will need to work through their underlying trauma so that they have more coping skills. Many sufferers with PTSD have panic attacks and nightmares. This leads to drug use in an effort to calm the mind.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Marcos

Treatment for dual diagnosis after drug rehab is necessary because a high percentage of people who struggle with an addiction to drugs have a mental health condition that hasn't been treated. Whether the problem is depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, many people will turn to drugs in an effort to get rid of the feelings they are having. To completely recover from drug addiction, it is always necessary to figure out what led to the addiction in the first place. Once unhealthy coping strategies are addressed and new ones are put into place, it is then possible to truly recover from a drug addiction.

When an individual gets the right treatment for drug addiction that coincides with mental health issues, it is then possible to delineate what problems are mental health and what were due to heavy substance abuse. Once the drug is removed from the system, it is then possible to do the work that it takes to recover from the mental illness diagnosed. The two issues need to be separated in order for treatment to be successful. Call San Marcos Drug Rehab Centers now for help (512) 876-2125.

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