Addiction Aftercare in San Marcos, TX

Addiction aftercare in San Marcos can involve inpatient rehab, addiction aftercare counseling, and other support, treatment or services that improve your chances of staying sober. There is no set plan for treatment after leaving a rehab facility as everyone is different. In general, you will be expected to attend groups and work with a therapist in order to stay clean from the substance you were addicted to.

Understanding Addiction Aftercare in San Marcos

Aftercare for addiction treatment varies from person to person. Some patients attend inpatient rehab, while others are able to return home right away with services in place. Your treatment team is likely to suggest addiction aftercare counseling, so you can continue to improve your skills that you learned while at the beginning stages of recovery. When you stay committed to your sobriety by getting the treatment you need, you are better able to maintain your sobriety.

Programs for Addiction Aftercare in San Marcos

When you are in rehab, your treatment team will talk with about treatment once you leave the inpatient rehab facility. The goal is to develop a long term plan that will help you maintain the progress you started while physically withdrawing from the substance you were addicted to. Programs for addiction treatment in San Marcos can include going to outpatient programs, attending groups, family therapy, addiction aftercare counseling, and 12-step groups. You will want to find ways to better cope with the stress in life, and to find healthy outlets to express your feelings.

Group therapy is great for those in recovery. Peer support is always recommended, as it is hard to understand what you are going through without having a similar experience. Addiction recovery centers encourage peer sharing and peer support so that you develop a network of people you can contact when you feel as though you want to use and need to reach out for support.

Family therapy is also involved in addiction aftercare if you have a spouse or children that have been deeply affected by your addiction. Together you will learn better communication skills and begin to fix the damage that was caused as a result of your addiction. When addiction causes problems in the family, you will probably need family therapy to heal as a family.

12-step groups developed from a need for addicts to find peer support. They are useful for teaching sober ways of thinking, for getting peer support, and for learning more about addiction as a whole. While participation is optional, you may end up sharing parts of your story at meetings as a way to begin to heal from your addiction.

Your individual therapist may also recommend other therapy groups for you to learn more specific skills to manage your recovery. Depending on your diagnosis, your therapist may have a number of suggestions for you to learn more as you work to remain sober.

The Importance of Addiction Aftercare in San Marcos

Aftercare is essential to your success as a newly sober person If you have a dual diagnose, you'll need continued treatment to deal with mental health issues so that you don't turn back to substances in order to manage your symptoms. Addiction aftercare counseling is vital, as working closely with a therapist is probably going to be your strongest support once you leave a rehab facility. You will work closely with your therapist to address relapse triggers, and to strengthen the coping mechanisms you are learning about from other addicts through group therapy.

If you don't have job skills, part of your aftercare will be to develop job skills in order for you to find employment so you can live an independent life. Anything that strengthens your resolve, improves your skills, or gives you the support you need during your recovery might be considered aftercare services. You might begin to attend college, or start a job training program in an effort to have more marketable job skills.

Staying sober is a lengthy process. Without aftercare treatment, it's impossible to develop a strong support network of others that understand what is going on in your life. 12-step groups are important to most addicts, as they offer a specific way to recover and meetings are prevalent throughout the country. Your recovery depends on your long term commitment to learning all you can about what triggers your addiction and how relapse prevention in San Marcos can help you stay sober. Call now for help (512) 876-2125.

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