Drug Detox in San Marcos

Drug detox in San Marcos is the first step taken when one is ready to become sober. Drug detox for addiction involves removing the physical substance from the body in order to begin the recovery process. A drug detox treatment facility may provide medically-assisted detox so that you withdraw from the substances you are addicted to in a safe manner. Removing the drugs or alcohol from your body that you are addicted to can be a painful, sometimes life threatening process and it's important to get the help you need for your own safety.

Understanding Drug Detox in San Marcos

Drug detox for addiction means withdrawing from the substance you are addicted to from your body. While some people try to quit the substance they are addicted to on their own, safe withdrawal needs to occur in a drug detox treatment facility. Withdrawal is a tough process, and the physical addiction to substances is almost impossible to overcome without professional help. At a drug detox facility, you will be observed as you withdraw from either drugs or alcohol. It is likely that will be provided medication during your detox, and supervised so that you don't get hurt or sick while you are withdrawing. Physical addiction is very powerful, and you may need careful supervision while you are withdrawing.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Drug Detox in San Marcos

As you withdraw from a substance, your withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on what you have been addicted to. The length of your addiction, how much of the substance you were abused, and what the substance is will all play a part in your withdrawal symptoms. If you've tried to quit a substance on your own without medical assistance and you failed, then you understand how difficult it is to quit a substance on your own. Drug detox for addiction takes time and professional help from a drug detox treatment facility.

Symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal can have a wide range. You may feel more irritable as your body no longer contains the drug you've been physically addicted to. You might feel angry, tired, or even disoriented. Some people can hallucinate when withdrawing, even from alcohol. Emotionally you may be scared or feel hopeless as the substance leaves your body. These feelings are temporary, but often require supervision so that you don't harm yourself.

Physically you may feel all kinds of pain and general upset. You might get nauseous, shake out of control, and in serious cases, begin to convulse. The danger of withdrawal from alcohol is serious, and you can end up having seizures that lead to a coma, or even death. The reason most people need a drug detox treatment facility is because of the withdrawal symptoms and the fact that using the substance again will stop the symptoms. Drug detox for addiction greatly improves your chances of staying sober, as you will be supervised during the withdrawal process.

The Importance of Entering Drug Detox in San Marcos

Once you have decided that you no longer want to let drugs destroy your life, it's time to find a drug rehab in San Marcos that works for you. Detoxification is the first part of your recovery, Without detox, your chances of removing the addictive substance from your body are low. While this is the beginning stage of your recovery, detoxification is the most important stage.

Without properly coming off a substance, you aren't going to have a strong recovery process. Drug detox ensures that you withdraw from a substance in a safe manner and that you get the support you need as you try to recover emotionally and physically from your addiction.

Remaining sober requires support and guidance. As you work on your sobriety, you will learn what your trigger is and how to avoid such triggers in an effort to stay sober. You might go to a 12-step group in order to find peers who are working on the same issues that you are. When you sit and listen to your peers, you will feel less alone in your recovery process.

Over time, you may also share your story and what led you down the path of drug or alcohol addiction. With the right help, you are well on your way to a life of sobriety. Call San Marcos Drug Rehab Centers at (512) 876-2125.

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