Alcohol Rehab in San Marcos

Alcohol rehab in San Marcos is an essential way for alcoholics to begin the path to recovery in alcohol addiction treatment. While it's hard to take the first step and enter alcohol rehab, getting treatment instead of trying to quit alcohol on your own is much more effective. In addition, trying to stop alcohol without supervision can lead to serious, sometimes life threatening withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol is one of the hardest substances to come off of, and this means that detox is essential to the health and wellness of the individual addicted to alcohol.

Understanding Alcohol Rehab in San Marcos

Alcohol rehab begins when an individual who has been abusing alcohol decides that it's time to quit forever. Alcohol addiction treatment begins with a period of detoxification, followed by time in a rehab facility to deal with the emotional effects of being addicted to alcohol, and finally, the focus becomes how to main sobriety through developing a strong support network and learning new ways to cope with stress. The period of detox usually includes medical monitoring for the individual's safety during withdrawal, followed by treatment that begins to look at the reasons behind the alcohol abuse.

How to Determine if You Are An Alcoholic

Deciding if you are an alcoholic and need alcohol rehab in San Marcos is a bit different for everyone. When alcohol causes negative consequences in your life, you may have a need for alcohol addiction treatment. If you have tried to stop in the past, but you have never been able to stop drinking on your own, you may be an alcoholic. If you are always looking for the next opportunity to go out and drink with your friends, you could be an alcoholic. While you may be nervous about alcohol rehab, deciding that you want to quit drinking alcohol in order to get your life back is the first step. When it feels as though your life is spiraling out of control and you consistently turn to alcohol to ease your stress, you likely need treatment for your alcohol addiction.

The Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol Detoxification

Withdrawing from alcohol is one of the hardest substances to come off of. Alcohol addiction treatment almost always involves a period of medical detox because of the danger withdrawal can pose to the individual. Symptoms can last anywhere from two hours to a number of day and can range in severity.

Withdrawal Symptoms Can Include:

Agitation, shakiness, an inability to eat, sweating, tremors, headaches, disorientation and even seizures.

When a person needs alcohol rehab in San Marcos and tries to quit alcohol cold turkey, this can be very dangerous, even life threatening. During a medical detox, the individual will get the medications and supervision they need in order to safely remove alcohol from their system. While the withdrawal may still be uncomfortable, the safe during the process. Alcohol rehab is the next phase, once an individual no longer has alcohol in their system.

Why Entering an Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility is Necessary

Alcohol addiction is both a physical and emotional addiction that takes time and treatment to overcome. When you are addicted to alcohol, you need treatment to remove the alcohol from your system and to learn a whole new way of life in order to remain sober. Alcohol rehab in San Marcos involves coming off of the alcohol physically, working on your emotional health to figure out what your triggers are, and then learning new ways to maintain your sobriety.

While you are in a rehab facility, you will work closely with a therapist to begin your process of healing. You will meet with others in group settings, and you will be asked to talk about what led to your addiction in the first place.

Maintaining your sobriety will involve building a strong support network around you, and this support network begins while you are in a rehab facility. As you become more aware of your behaviors and what led you down the path of alcoholism, you will learn new ways to cope with the disease.

Once you have successfully returned home and you are ready to work on your sobriety, you will have the skills that you need to ask for help when you need it. You can go to meetings in your community, and continue the work you were during while in rehab. Maintaining your sobriety is a lifelong commitment, but over time it does get easier.

As you build your support network and you learn new ways to cope with the stresses of life, you will be better able to maintain your sobriety. Call (512) 876-2125 now.

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